Strengthening the Peanut Sector

Beyond being rich in protein and a key part of Haitian diets, peanuts are a vital cash crop for farmers throughout the country. Despite an ideal growing climate and soils rich in many of the nutrients needed for peanut cultivation, farmers are making less money each year because of low yields, high production costs and inefficient marketing. Meanwhile, peanut prices for consumers continue to rise while Aflatoxin contamination levels are typically much higher than international standards allow. TechnoServe will help farmers increase their productivity and incomes via trainings, targeted inputs and financing, as well as support the development of key services to improve value-chain efficiency and competitiveness. Such efforts, paired with improved marketing opportunities through program created collection centers, will provide a stable supply of high quality peanuts for key domestic buyers, including a new ready-to-use therapeutic food processing facility operated by Partners In Health and Abbott.