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The success of TechnoServe’s work is made possible by the generosity and commitment of our allies. Your support of TechnoServe helps hardworking men and women lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

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TechnoServe is able to maximize its impact in poor communities thanks to the generous support of our donors. Even though many of our programs are funded by substantial grants from large organizations, TechnoServe relies on funding from private donors to provide vital support to innovate and deepen our impact in developing world. Meet some of the people behind our latest efforts to empower men and women to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Praise from Supporters

"TechnoServe has consistently impressed me, both as a volunteer as well as a donor. The organization has a tremendous impact on people around the world, by providing individuals with the tools (rather than just a charitable payment) that they need to lift themselves out of poverty – and remain out of poverty for the long-term."

"TechnoServe is one of only a handful of non-profits that manages to 1) work closely and collaboratively with the private sector and 2) draw extraordinary talent from the corporate world into its organization. The result is a place filled with people who want to change the world, but who are also relentless in their pursuit of efficiency and delivery. Nobody at TechnoServe believes in charity  empowerment is what it's all about."

Global Advisory Council

Are you interested in becoming a member of the GAC? Contact Daniel Kemp, Director of Major Gifts and Foundations, at GAC@technoserve.org.

The Global Advisory Council provides a way for interested people of diverse backgrounds from around the world to share in, and support, the mission of TechnoServe. Members of the Global Advisory Council are ambassadors for TechnoServe, providing financial support, strategic advice and connections to others in order to advance the life-changing work of the organization.

Evelyn A. Windhager Swanson


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Louise Middleton

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