Sharing Prosperity: 2017 Impact Report

March 27, 2018

Explore the 2017 results from TechnoServe’s work to create prosperous, inclusive, built-to-last economies in 29 countries across the globe.

Founded in 1968, TechnoServe has been a leader in harnessing the private sector to transform lives for five decades. We take a holistic approach to agricultural and enterprise development in order to catalyze inclusive economic growth that doesn’t leave anyone behind.

Poverty is a complex, but not impossible barrier. Our experience shows that markets can work for the poor when the right incentives, skills, and market connections are in place.

In order to create system-wide change that’s built to last, we partner with public and private stakeholders, and help them to align their incentives and goals. We often working with leading corporations to create shared value for all market participants, and we meticulously measure the effects of each intervention, scaling those that deliver the greatest impact.

Whether we are working with smallholder farmers in Benin to optimize value from their cashew harvest or assisting women entrepreneurs in Brazil to grow their businesses and create prosperity in their communities, our documented results speak to the effectiveness of this approach. As our 2017 Impact Report shows, TechnoServe programs working to strengthen agricultural value chains generate transformative financial benefits for farmers, businesses, and employees. Likewise, our entrepreneurship programs contribute to inclusive economic growth, ensuring that women have equal access to opportunities.

Last year, Technoserve:

  • generated $189 million in increased revenues and wages;
  • helped 461,000 people and businesses realize financial benefits as a result of TechnoServe’s work
  • reached 37 percent women among our beneficiaries; and
  • mobilized $28 million in private sector investment

We are proud of our impact – and we confidently stand behind it. In addition to fine-tuning our measurement system to the highest standards, we are increasingly investing in external impact evaluations, inviting outside organizations to evaluate our impact.

We invite you to explore our Impact Report. If you want to dig deeper, visit our Results Dashboard for project- and country-level data.


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