QUIZ: What Do You Know About Regenerative Agriculture?

Hint: It's all about sustainable farming practices that benefit people and the planet!

Conservation Cotton Initiative. Uganda, 2012

More Than a Holistic Approach to Farming

Regenerative agriculture prioritizes soil health, ecosystems, and communities. This sustainable approach to farming not only minimizes environmental harm, it actively restores and regenerates the earth’s soil. It can help to improve soil health, promote biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and increase profits. Read on to learn about the benefits of regenerative agriculture, its farming practices, and its role in creating sustainable food systems. 

The Roots of Regenerative Agriculture

This is not a new approach. In fact, in many cultures around the world, farmers have embraced traditional and indigenous practices like intercropping through centuries of practice to ensure high long-term yields without sacrificing the health of their natural resources. At TechnoServe, we aim to build on that foundation by supporting smallholder farmers with new tools to maximize productivity and income, regenerative practices that build ecosystem resilience, and business solutions that contribute to sustainable food systems. 

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