The second phase of the WIN program (WIN 2.0) began with a Market System Assessment inception and analysis activities in the north and south of Mozambique

The second phase of the WIN program, which has been underway since July of this year, is beginning to take its first steps towards achieving the primary objective of economic empowerment of low-income women, by identifying, catalyzing and expanding innovative solutions, with the ultimate aim of benefiting low-income women, mostly in rural areas of northern Mozambique.

In the first quarter of implementation, the team focused on inception activities, which consisted of analyzing market systems in the provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado. These activities were aimed at understanding the barriers faced by women micro-entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers in those provinces, as well as mapping potential partners in the regions. This mapping activity also extended to the southern region, specifically in Maputo province, where key players in boosting the market were consulted in the agriculture, agribusiness, financial services and renewable energy sectors.