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Raise the company’s                   Micronutrient deficiency leads
profile by helping create             to underdeveloped mental
an image as innovative                capacity, leading to non-attain-
and on the cutting edge               ment of optimum brain
of processing technology              performance

Expand market share and               Vitamin A, iodine and iron are
consumer brand loyalty                nutrients of concern world
through improved prod-                wide. According to the World
ucts                                  Bank, addressing the
                                      deficiency of these nutrients
                                      sustainably would cost
                                      developing countries less than
                                      0.3percent of its gross
                                      domestic product(GDP).(4)
                                      Failure to do so can result in a
                                      depress a countries GDP by as
                                      much as 5%.(5)

    Contribute to the health
    and productivity of the
    national population and
    receive recognition as a
    good corporate citizen

Table 1. - Benefits of fortification

“4 -,. ‘Nutrition - Enriching Lives: Overcoming Vitamin And Mineral
Malnutrition In Developing Countries’. N.p., 2015. Web. 11 Dec. 2015.

“5 - World Bank. Enriching lives: Overcoming vitamin and mineral malnutrition in developing
countries. Washington, DC: World Bank, 1994.”

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