Despite ongoing civil problems and a poverty rate of nearly 40 percent, Colombia boasts several products that are in global high demand, including coffee.

TechnoServe is working with smallholder coffee growers to build capacity, improve production practices and increase yields and sales. We are also helping Colombia's entrepreneurs to develop business ideas that translate into sustainable opportunities for people at the base of the pyramid through our successful business plan competition model.

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Increasing the Adoption of Centralized Coffee Wetmills

The Huila Central Mill Project is a two-year program that will pilot a sustainable and replicable wetmill model for Colombia. By demonstrating the economic viability of centralized wetmilling, the project aims to influence coffee farmers to transition from in-farm wetmills to centralized wetmills. The Central Mill pilot will work with approximately 350 coffee-growing families and will work to strengthen the producer business group that will own the mill.To date the project has generated nearly $400,000 in financial benefits for the local coffee-producing community.



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September 6, 2017

Empowering Women Coffee Growers in Antioquia, Colombia

Women play a central, though often "invisible," role in Colombian coffee production. Here's how The Coca-Cola Foundation and TechnoServe are partnering to improve the access of 11,000 women to the services and training they need to run their coffee farms as a business.

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March 27, 2017

Why Women Are Essential for Lasting Peace in Colombia

After decades of conflict, women hold the key to the establishment of peaceful economies in rural Colombia.

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July 27, 2012

Photo of the Week: Natural Beauty and Business in Colombia

The natural beauty of Colombia’s Nuquí region makes it a wonderful destination for tourists.

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