Together with our partners, TechnoServe is helping to grow strong markets that create opportunities for enterprising people in the developing world.

Beyond Extraction

TechnoServe, Anglo American, and the Inter-American Development Bank are collaborating in a regional public-private partnership to catalyze locally adapted economic development for communities surrounding Anglo American’s mining operations in Brazil, Chile, and Peru.

Small and Growing Businesses

Strengthening group organizations for a better future in Brumadinho

TechnoServe and the Vale Foundation launched the AGIR (Apoio e Geração e Incremento de Renda) program in September 2018 to support communities in broadening their local economies by targeting key sectors and providing entrepreneurship training and support.

Small and Growing Businesses

Global Coffee Platform Study

In 2017, TechnoServe and the Global Coffee Platform published a study on smallholder coffee production that identified opportunities for potential benefits to coffee farmers from improved farm profitability and increased efficiency along the supply chain.


Integrating smallholder farmers into supply chains through financing innovations

In 2011, TechnoServe, Instituto Ventura, and food company Inaceres partnered to catalyze economic growth for smallholder farmers in Brazil by building a sustainable, inclusive, and competitive outgrower model for heart of palm.


Scaling Premium Honey through Digital Training Platforms

In the Piauí state of Northern Brazil, honey production can provide a key source of income for farmers living in rural poverty. As market demand for certified honey increases globally, switching to organic and fair trade production can help farmers to tap into premium markets – and prices.


Catalyzing Economic Growth in Mining Communities

TechnoServe is implementing two programs in Brazil with the global mining company Anglo American, taking a market systems approach to creating prosperity through enterprise development.

Small and Growing Businesses