Together with our partners, TechnoServe is helping to grow strong markets that create opportunities for enterprising people in the developing world.

Catalyzing Systemic Change in Key Market Systems

The Feed the Future Mozambique Agricultural Innovations Activity (FTF INOVA) is a five year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by DAI, TechnoServe, and Market Shares Associates. INOVA aims to increase equitable growth and incomes in the agriculture sector in Mozambique by focusing on interventions in specific market functions that exhibit a credible pathway toward inclusive change in the agricultural market system. INOVA will increase the competitiveness of selected value chains, expand the number of enterprises that can compete, and upgrade their products and services in selected markets, while improving relationships and linkages between those firms and other market participants throughout the value chains. FTF INOVA will be focusing on groundnut, cashew, pigeon pea, sesame, and agricultural inputs.


Building a Data-driven Cashew Sector

ConnectCaju: Through the ConnectCaju project, TechnoServe and the Government of Mozambique’s Institute for the Promotion of Cashew (INCAJU) are jointly developing a mobile-based platform for on-farm data collection and real time analysis in the cashew sector. With a current registry of over 100,000 cashew farmers, this platform will help INCAJU to improve the coverage and quality of its extension services for cashew farmers, as well as to broadcast relevant and timely information to actors throughout the cashew sector. By improving INCAJU’s monitoring, analysis, and decision-making abilities, ConnectCaju is contributing to increased productivity and transparency across the sector. ConnectCaju’s platform connects different actors in cashew production and commercialization in ways that enhance their abilities to make timely decisions and reduce costs. This, in turn, improves incentives for cashew farmers to invest in greater production, leading to improved economic growth. The ConnectCaju platform has several existing core functionalities:


Building a More Resilient Banana Industry

Banana Industry Grants Facility: In Mozambique, bananas contribute substantially to the nation’s economy. In 2015, The country exported $75 million in bananas, making it one of the largest exporters of banana in Africa. Like in many other African countries, bananas also make an important staple in the national Mozambican diet. For the past few years, the Mozambican Banana Industry has been facing two major threats to its viability: Panama Disease Tropical Race 4 (TR4) and Banana Bunch Top Virus (BBTV). The outbreaks of these two diseases have threatened the existence and viability of many commercial banana plantations and smallholder production. TechnoServe, in partnership with the Government of Mozambique’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and with funding from the United States Department of Agriculture, is supporting affected banana plantations and communities by providing financial support through a grant facility to contain the outbreaks and support prevention measures.