Potencia tu Agroempresa is a two-year Business Accelerator initiative funded by the by Argidius Foundation, Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce, and Santo Domingo Foundation to boost Latin American Agri-food tech Start-ups and Small food processing businesses in Colombia, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico to enhance food security in the region through their success.


Latin America’s agricultural sector is crucial for the region’s economic growth, food security, and environmental sustainability. Currently, 16% of the world’s total agricultural and food exports come from this region. It is estimated that agricultural production will need to grow by 80% by 2050 to meet an expected population increase of more than 35%

Farmers struggle to maintain or increase productivity in the face of climate change, natural disasters, and high input and labor costs, leading to the overuse of natural resources and synthetic inputs and the deforestation of native ecosystems for productive use.


AgriFoodTech companies introduce innovative technologies that increase agricultural productivity, optimize resource use, and reduce post-harvest losses. There is a huge opportunity to ensure these technologies are accessible to smallholder farmers, which is at the core of TechnoServe’s mission. Moreover, the food processing sector ensures year-round food availability, reduces dependency on imported goods, and makes the food system more resilient to disruptions. For base-of-the-pyramid consumers, processed foods offer an accessible, cost-effective, and convenient way to access nutritionally fortified options.

By fostering the development of these two key industries and improving agricultural productivity and the availability of nutritious, affordable foods, the Potencia tu Agroempresa program aims to improve food security at a systemic level. It also seeks to foster economic growth by creating or supporting jobs in both industries. With increased productivity and availability of nutritious foods, communities can invest in greater food production and afford better housing, healthcare, and education for their families. 

By investing in technologies that unlock sustainable productivity gains for smallholder farmers and supporting small and growing businesses (SGBs) across the food processing sector, we can unlock the full potential of Latin American agrifood systems to drive inclusive economic growth and employment.

The strategy

PTA will harness TechnoServe’s world-class expertise in business acceleration and support to food processing companies. It offers a dual track: one for food processors, which adapts TechnoServe’s core curriculum to the food processing sector’s needs, focusing on increasing business efficiency and productivity. The second is the agri-food tech track, which builds on a pilot program with The Yield Lab, supporting start-ups that develop technologies to benefit farmers and mitigate climate impacts.

The program will include:

  • Core business and financial management training
  • Access to finance and capital
  • Sector-specific support: Addressing challenges such as sourcing, supply chain coordination, and inventory management
  • Empowerment and leadership training for women entrepreneurs

Anticipated Results

PTA will strengthen the business performance of 170 food processing SGBs in Colombia and Guatemala, and 30 AgriFoodTech start-ups in Colombia, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico across its dual tracks. The program aims to boost the revenues of participating businesses by up to 50%.

It is expected to create or strengthen over 800 jobs, significantly contributing to local employment opportunities. Gender inclusion is a core focus, with 50% of the supported businesses owned or operated by women, who will receive tailored training to address their unique challenges and needs. By enhancing business practices and promoting the adoption of sustainable technologies, PTA seeks to drive inclusive economic growth and reduce environmental degradation, ensuring long-term benefits for both the economy and the environment.


Funder: Argidius Foundation, Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce, and Santo Domingo Foundation