Our Approach

TechnoServe aims to be a catalyst and partner at all points in competitive markets. We work with individuals and businesses to address market failures – the constraints that prevent a market system from operating efficiently.

These constraints may include skills, technologies, availability of information, market linkages, access to finance, infrastructure, governance or policies. We address market failures in three ways:

Develop Capacity: We help individuals and communities acquire skills, share knowledge and apply the technologies needed to build successful farms and businesses.

Strengthen Market Connections: We coordinate among industry players and connect emerging businesses and farms to capital, networks and suppliers.

Improve the Business Environment: We encourage self-sustaining economic activity by addressing the policies, information and incentives that help markets function better.


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What is a Market System?

TechnoServe works with market system participants at all levels to help benefit people and communities facing poverty.

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Theory of Change

TechnoServe's efforts set in motion a cycle of development that helps people lift themselves out of poverty.

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