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Access to finance is a significant barrier for small farms and business in the developing world. Smallholders often lack funds to invest in farm inputs to improve productivity, while many entrepreneurs lack the capital to invest in equipment and infrastructure.

At the same time, these farmers and entrepreneurs face huge obstacles in accessing the working capital loans, long-term credit and other financing that would enable them to meet their needs.

Despite the massive demand, there are few providers of financial products and services that cater to such clients, partly due to a perception that they are too risky and costly to serve.

Bridging this financing gap requires a collaborative and multifaceted approach. TechnoServe works in several capacities with a wide range of partners to increase capital flow and foster more inclusive finance in the communities where we work.

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TechnoServe works with smallholder farmers, farmer organizations, cooperatives, and a variety of small and growing businesses (SGBs) to increase access to finance. We help them assess, forecast and communicate their financing needs to potential lenders and investors. We also support the capitalization of larger agribusinesses and develop finance solutions for entire industries in developing economies.

In parallel, TechnoServe provides advisory services to financial institutions in order to help them efficiently deploy capital and deliver new and scalable financial services. We work with commercial banks, investment funds, development finance institutions and multinational corporations to determine the financial health and viability of potential clients and help structure investments to meet their needs.

By offering the following integrated financial advisory services and training, TechnoServe seeks to increase efficient capital flows, promote financial inclusion, improve transparency among market actors and drive overall economic growth.

  • Strategic and Financial Analysis: TechnoServe works with smallholder farmers and SGBs to build their technical capacity. We also partner with financial institutions to support their expansion into the agricultural sector, and we provide independent insight and market analysis to industry stakeholders.
  • Capital Mobilization: Acting as an independent intermediary, TechnoServe builds linkages between capital providers and those seeking capital. We help our smallholder farmer and SGB clients at all stages of the origination and transaction process.
  • Risk Management: To support loan monitoring and ensure repayment of invested capital, TechnoServe designs specialized risk-management solutions that incentivize and maintain transparency between clients and lenders.

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