Brazil, South America's largest country with a population of more than 200 million, has nearly one in ten people living in poverty. Significant positive demographic shifts are building momentum, with millions of Brazilians entering the middle class. Nevertheless, many families remain vulnerable to even small economic shocks. 

While inequality threatens Brazil’s future, its strong private sector represents an asset for inclusive economic growth. In addition, the Brazilian public sector and civil society have the capacity to identify and replicate successful models for development. TechnoServe is well-placed to help create public-private partnerships that demonstrate measurable, sustainable improvements to people’s lives. 

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TechnoServe, Anglo American, and the Inter-American Development Bank are collaborating in a regional public-private partnership to catalyze locally adapted economic development for communities surrounding Anglo American’s mining operations in Brazil, Chile, and Peru.


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Catalyzing Economic Growth in Mining Communities

TechnoServe is implementing two programs in Brazil with the global mining company Anglo American, forming part of a collaboration between the company and the organization across five countries. The two programs are aligned with the Anglo American Socio-Economic Development strategy to drive benefits for the governments and communities that host their mining operations, taking a market systems approach to creating prosperity through enterprise development. The first program, Crescer, takes place in the area of influence surrounding the Minas-Rio mine (Minas Gerais State). The pilot phase is delivering business advisory services to more than 215 rural and urban enterprises. Within 12 months, the Minas-Rio program has had 2.5 times the anticipated participation, with participant satisfaction levels of 90 percent. The program has also mobilized $300,000 in long-term finance from Brazilian banks for participant businesses, and facilitated local supply contracts. The second program, Avançar, is in partnership with the Niobium and Phosphates operations of Anglo American in the Municipalities of Catalão and Ouvidor respectively, in Goiás State. This program targets over 200 participants from three different groups within the community: local businesses supplying to Anglo American, other diverse rural and urban enterprises, and young adults looking to improve their careers or start a business. Workshops and business advisory services begin in early 2015.


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