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How Can Charitable Giving Help Fight Poverty?

Many nonprofits, charities, and NGOs worldwide are committed to reducing poverty. At TechnoServe, we take a different approach that creates tangible, long-lasting solutions. For over 50 years, as a  501(c)3 nonprofit, we have been fighting poverty by helping small business people and smallholder farmers increase their incomes.

TechnoServe programs partner with farmers and entrepreneurs to improve their skills, knowledge, and market connections.  Our programs address women’s economic empowerment and environmental sustainability since two of the biggest barriers to improving incomes are gender inequality and climate change threats

How Charitable Giving is Building Brighter Futures

Impact By the Numbers



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The Lives Charitable Giving Helps Change

The COVID-19 pandemic affected key sectors of emerging economies—and the millions of people whose livelihoods depend on them. We were working in these places before the world changed suddenly in March 2020. And after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we accelerated our efforts to support people fighting to forge a path out of poverty.

Your charitable gift can help these resilient communities continue to forge a pathway out of poverty,  and level the socioeconomic playing field to help more people access the chance to create sustainable livelihoods.

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What Are the Financial Benefits of Charitable Giving?

While most charities and nonprofits are designed to support a worthy cause, not all organizations have the same tax status. When you make a charitable gift to a 501(c)3 that’s registered with the IRS, your donation may be eligible for a tax deduction.

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  • Championing environmental sustainability while helping smallholder farmers increase the incomes they earn from their farms.
  • Supporting solutions to food security that strengthen the food system, boost nutrition, and help more people afford and access safe, healthy food. 
  • Accelerating innovation through digital solutions and technology that scale  solutions to poverty and empower small business owners and SMEs.
  • Promoting women’s economic empowerment and gender equality by helping women create their own livelihoods and rise to positions of leadership in their professional sectors and communities all over the world.
  • Creating new career opportunities for young adults in developing countries with high unemployment rates and challenging job markets.


A Nonprofit You Can Trust

Rated the #1 Nonprofit at Reducing Poverty

Transparent and accountable with the credentials to prove it – we have been rated the #1 nonprofit at reducing poverty by an independent charity ratings agency, awarded an “A” rating by Charity Watch and recognized by Guide Star’s highest level of recognition: the Platinum Seal of Transparency.

Financial Transparency

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Scale up the Impact of your Charitable Giving as a Partner in Prosperity

Did you know that TechnoServe triples your impact when you join the fight to end global poverty? For every $1 invested in our programs, farmers and small business people participating in TechnoServe programs gain an average of $3.64 in income.

Envision the scale of your impact as a Partner in Prosperity, our special group of TechnoServe supporters who give monthly. 

As a recurring donor, your charitable giving could make a life-changing difference for people throughout the developing world. 

Consider the real-world impact your monthly charitable giving to TechnoServe could add up to by the end of one year.

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Discover More Ways to Fight Poverty Through Charitable Giving

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