Agnieszka Zieminska Yank

Vice President, Human Resources


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Agnieszka Zieminska leads TechnoServe’s strategic global talent efforts including outreach and talent acquisition, professional development and learning, benefits and compensation, employee relations, and safety and security for our home and field offices.

Prior to joining TechnoServe in 2012, she led the human resources function at Chemonics International for five years. Before becoming a senior vice president, Agnieszka led the firm's recruitment department, managing outreach efforts, developing recruitment tools and best practices, and building the skills and capabilities of staff. Her experience also includes project management and business development. She has managed projects in Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Afghanistan and Haiti. She also served in various business development roles at Chemonics. She worked for nonprofit organizations on civil society strengthening and capacity building projects in Eastern Europe.

She holds a master's degrees in International Administration and Library Science and Information, as well as Global Professional in Human Resources and Human Capital Strategist certifications. She is an active member of the Human Resources Leadership Forum and the Society for Human Resource Management.

“Helping others live more independent and dignified lives has always been a passion of mine, and the mission of TechnoServe to help lift people out of poverty is very close to my heart. As someone who came from a developing country and witnessed successful development projects making a lasting difference in people’s lives, I’m deeply committed to the work that TechnoServe does. As an HR professional, I’m dedicated to bringing in and developing the best talent to accomplish the organization’s mission.”