Over the past 20 years, Ecuador has suffered major natural disasters, hyperinflation, the collapse of the banking sector and political tumult. Its economy is largely dependent on the export of oil and on money transfers from Ecuadorians working abroad.

In spite of recent efforts to stabilize the economy, unemployment levels remain high, and a third of the population lives below the poverty line. To improve the quality of life for Ecuadorians at the base of the economic pyramid, TechnoServe and its partners implemented a successful business plan competition model. The program helped the country's nascent entrepreneurs turn good ideas into thriving small and medium businesses that generate jobs while increasing the supply of high-quality, affordable goods and services. The program focused on businesses in the fields of energy, food, health, housing, basic services and information technology.


TechnoServe has helped 929 entrepreneurs across South America generate more than $16 million in sales through business plan competitions and start-up advice. As part of this program, 108 Ecuadorian entrepreneurs received tailored business consulting from TechnoServe.


Entrepreneur Launches Business to Protect Ecuador’s Orchids

A baby orchid company protects biodiversity while creating new opportunities for young Ecuadorians.

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Building New and Better Businesses

TechnoServe introduced its successful business plan competition model to help Ecuador's budding entrepreneurs and small businesses turn good ideas into thriving, growth-oriented businesses. The program focused on small and medium businesses in the fields of food security, health, housing, basic services, tourism, energy and information technology. Business plan competitions have been proven to cultivate and foster innovation and new business ideas. TechnoServe also provides after-care services to its business plan competition participants and winners, as well as seed capital for the most promising businesses.



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November 2, 2012

Photo of the Week: A Business Blooms in Ecuador

Floare is helping to protect and preserve Ecuador’s more than 4,000 orchid species with its strong focus on conservation.

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