Tokafala: Building Strong Businesses in Botswana

As diamond reserves in Botswana dwindle, the country's entrepreneurs are playing an increasingly leading role in creating new jobs and diversifying the economy. An enterprise development program called Tokafala. The Tokafala program focuses on fostering the growth of small and growing businesses in Botswana by helping them overcome the challenge many entrepreneurs face in the country. The three year program, an Anglo American and TechnoServe collaboration, will support over 230 micro, small and medium enterprises (SMMEs), supporting over 2,000 jobs. Since 2014, Tokafala has provided advisory and and mentorship support to a total of 216 SMMEs, supporting over 1,700 jobs. The project has successfully established a business hub, and has developed strong partnerships with leading organizations, such as the Chamber of Mines’ Business Development Forum, Debswana’s Supply Chain and a number of commercial banks to provide mentorship and advisory services to local SMMEs.