Together with our partners, TechnoServe is helping to grow strong markets that create opportunities for enterprising people in the developing world.

Contributing to Poultry Thinking in SA

TechnoServe and Citibank have partnered to conduct an in-depth study of the poultry industry in South Africa to clarify and identify key areas in the poultry value chain for smallholder farmer participation.


Empowering Urban Women Entrepreneurs

The Accelerating Urban Women Entrepreneurs in South African Metros (AUWESAM) program aims help support aspiring women and young entrepreneurs in metropolitan areas, create jobs and make efficient use of enterprise development funds.

Enterprise Development

Incubating to Create Employment

TechnoServe is providing one-on-one support, mentoring and acceleration services to small businesses from poor areas through a 12-month targeted business incubator initiative in order to foster job creation and economic development.

Enterprise Development

Supporting Standard Bank to Grow Small Businesses

Standard Bank has partnered with TechnoServe to provide business development services to beneficiaries of a regional business grouping scheme.


Moving Forward with Standard Bank

TechnoServe is helping farmers in the Mutale area by improving their business and technical skills, creating sustainable relationships with the financial services sector and improving access to financial services and diverse markets.


Making an Impact in KwaZulu Natal

TechnoServe and the KwaZulu Natal Department of Agriculture and Environment (KZNDAE) have embarked on a program to help utilize available land and water resources within the rural areas of KwaZulu Natal in a manner that encourages the development of competent and sustainable smallholder farmers by providing technical assistance and market access for their produce.


Accelerating Agribusinesses in the North West

TechnoServe is working with farmers in the Bojanala region of the North West province to help them to realize their potential, accelerate growth and contribute to the improvement of their communities. TechnoServe has selected 15 farming entities to partake in a holistic farm business development initiative.


Diversifying Incomes and Deepening our Impact

TechnoServe is working with 129 farmers in Nkomazi, Mpumalanga to improve their sugarcane yields and to diversify their production to include vegetables, enabling these farmers to increase their incomes.

Beverage + Confection

Creating Support Systems for Emerging Farmers

TechnoServe’s effort to sustainably improve the livelihood of an increasing number of emerging black farmers in SA requires interventions to ensure our programs are able to reach scale. In this program, we have partnered with Ford Foundation to address three fundamental shortcomings that limit scale.


Directly from the Smallholder to the Shelf

In 2012, TechnoServe and Massmart Walmart launched a direct farm program which aims to put locally produced small-scale farmers’ produce on the shelves of Massmart. TechnoServe’s role involves training, mentoring, technical assistance and establishing links to both finance and retail markets for the farmers.


Promoting Sustainability in Agricultural Value Chains

In 2013, TechnoServe launched a program to improve the scalability and sustainability of our existing agricultural value chain programs in South Africa. This program addresses key shortcomings in the support systems and structures in which farmers and agribusinesses operate.