Together with our partners, TechnoServe is helping to grow strong markets that create opportunities for enterprising people in the developing world.

Building New and Better Businesses

The Andean Business Plan Competition focused on building entrepreneurial capacity across six countries: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. TechnoServe guided more than 929 entrepreneurs as they put their plans into action, generating 3,300 new jobs in the region and impacting thousands of families.

Enterprise Development

Strengthening Small and Medium Enterprises

TechnoServe aims to support the sustainable development of the Moquegua region, an area that is expected to grow significantly with the expansion of the mining sector. The current project aims to foster a strong network of local businesses and provide mentorship to local enterprises that have potential to become suppliers to the mining companies.

Enterprise Development

Strengthening Capacity for Exports

TechnoServe is implementing Región Exportadora, which aims to encourage exports by strengthening the Network of Trade Support Institutions. This program trains advisors on key subjects to help them provide export-management support to producer organizations, small-scale producers and those with export potential.


Promoting Economic Development in San Martín, Huanuco and Ucayali

The Economic Development Alliance for San Martín aims to accelerate the transition of the San Martín region of Peru into a sustainable, legal and prosperous economy, increasing employment and incomes while promoting good stewardship of natural resources. The program promotes good agricultural practices among cocoa and coffee growers in the region.