Together with our partners, TechnoServe is helping to grow strong markets that create opportunities for enterprising people in the developing world.

Analyzing Agribusiness in South Asia

TechnoServe is carrying out an India-wide mapping and analysis of the agribusiness sector, working with IFC Advisory to inform their South Asia Agribusiness Strategy and to identify potential investment opportunities for IFC in India.


Promoting Rice Water-Use Efficiency Technologies

Rice is one of India’s most important crops, yet rice cultivation is water intensive and greatly reduces already limited water resources. In partnership with IFC Advisory, TechnoServe devised an innovative business model to provide farmers with Water Use Efficiency (WUE) technologies in a sustainable manner.


Expanding Opportunities for Farmers in North East India

Over two years, TechnoServe worked to strengthen agricultural value chains across India’s North Eastern states, promoting aggregation and effective post-harvest management to benefit smallholder farmers.


Moving Farmer Producer Organizations towards Sustainability

Alhough farmer producer organizations are widespread in India, many depend on government and NGO support and find it difficult to continue operations when these entities withdraw. In Orissa, TechnoServe is working to strengthen three farmer cooperatives, developing comprehensive business plans and growth opportunities to ensure their sustainability.