Together with our partners, TechnoServe is helping to grow strong markets that create opportunities for enterprising people in the developing world.

Impulsa Tu Empresa

Supported by the Argidius Foundation, Impulsa Tu Empresa aims to help more than 800 small and growing businesses boost their growth. Through mentoring, business training and business plan competitions, the program aims to increase sales by $13 million and generate 750 new jobs in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Burkina Faso.

Enterprise Development

Sustainable Agricultural Improvement

The three-year Sustainable Agricultural Improvement (Mejoramiento Agrícola Sostenible, or MAS, in Spanish) Project targets small-scale coffee and bean farmers in the central region of Honduras through funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food for Progress program,


Promoting Specialty Coffee and Cocoa

TechnoServe worked with various cocoa and coffee industry stakeholders to help Honduran farmers and processors cater to the growing worldwide demand for specialty coffee and fine cocoa. TechnoServe-led technical and business training helped farmer cooperatives improve their crop quality and market access, generating higher incomes and creating many new jobs.

Beverage + Confection

Building Strong Businesses

Building on a model that has been successfully implemented in other countries in Central America, TechnoServe and its local partners ran a periodic business plan competition, Idea Tu Empresa, in Honduras to help entrepreneurs turn their good ideas into thriving businesses. Eight winners received cash prizes to implement and grow their businesses.

Enterprise Development

Improving Livelihoods through Beekeeping

Beekeeping is one of the major livelihood activities in the departments of Colón and Ocotepeque, providing income and other benefits like food, nutrition and medicine. TechnoServe is promoting sustainable beekeeping in these communities by organizing groups of beekeepers and providing business training and consulting.


Enhancing Entrepreneurship of Garifuna Women

Approximately 98,000 Garífuna people live in Honduras, mostly concentrated on the North Coast. TechnoServe provided technical and business development assistance to 1groups of Garifuna women, representing 300 members, to improve cassava productivity and processing.

Roots + Tubers

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

In Intibucá, TechnoServe helped a group of indigenous women of Lenca ethnicity cultivate and sell ornamental flowers through the Floricultura El Clavel cooperative. Between 2009-2012, the 12 members of the cooperative learned crucial business skills and agronomic practices, and accessed funding and a growing market.

Other Plants

Developing Agribusiness in Honduras

TechnoServe is currently executing a $10 million U.S. Department of Agriculture Food for Progress project to increase agricultural productivity and expand trade in bean and specialty coffee for 27,000 smallholder farmers in the departments of Yoro, Comayagua, Olancho, Francisco Morazán and El Paraíso.