Strengthening Small and Medium Enterprises

TechnoServe aims to support the sustainable development of the Moquegua region, an area that is expected to grow significantly with the expansion of the mining sector. The current project, executed in partnership with USAID’s Farmer to Farmer program and with Anglo American, aims to strengthen two Chambers of Commerce in order to foster a strong network of local businesses and provide mentorship to local enterprises that have potential to become suppliers to the mining companies.

TechnoServe led a strategic planning process for the two Chambers of Commerce, focused on growth and new service development. Upon finalizing the design phase, TechnoServe is providing accompaniment and strategic advisory to the Chambers. After seven months of implementation, leveraging their strengthened value proposition, the Chambers have quickly expanded their member base by 40 percent. Meanwhile, 19 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been selected for advisory and after six months they have signed contracts with 10 new clients and increased sales by 10 percent.