Promoting Agro-Forestry Villages

A competitive and environmentally sustainable plantation forestry sector will generate a substantial amount of new employment in rural areas, drive continued expansion of the grain and livestock industries and help to ensure that new investments in the poultry industry are targeted for areas with high potential for low-cost feed grain production in order to promote competitiveness. Supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Agro-Forestry Village Project aims to break the cycle of poverty for about 60,000 workers, farmers and their family members. TechnoServe has been instrumental in increasing the number of plantation forestry companies in Mozambique from one to seven, including UPM of Finland, the world´s largest pulp and paper producer. Over the next decade, these companies plan to invest more than $4 billion in the country, plant more than 1 million hectares of pine and eucalyptus trees and employ more than 100,000 workers.