Together with our partners, TechnoServe is helping to grow strong markets that create opportunities for enterprising people in the developing world.

Soy Value Chains

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, TechnoServe is helping to grow the incomes of tens of thousands of small-scale farmers in southern Africa by promoting the development of the local soy industry.


Boosting Incomes for Soy Farmers

Soybean farmers in the desert state of Rajasthan have far lower productivity than in other regions of the world. TechnoServe supported 5,000 smallholder soybean farmers to realize their potential, improving productivity and developing linkages to better markets.


Cashew Nut Value Chain in Maharashtra

India is the largest producer in the fast-growing global industry of raw cashews. In Maharashtra, India’s top-producing state, TechnoServe identified opportunities to strengthen the cashew value chain at every stage, including cultivators, processors and wholesalers.


Providing Market Linkages for Smallholder Soya Farmers

Through a grant made by the Technical Assistance Facility, TechnoServe is helping 500 smallholder soya farmers integrate into the supply chain of Goldenlay, a poultry layer company located in Zambia’s Copperbelt province.