Developing the Banana Industry

TechnoServe determined early on that Mozambique had the potential to become a major supplier of tropical fruit to world markets and in particular to the Middle East. TechnoServe’s market research determined that in order to reach economies of scale in transporting products to international markets, the first point of entry into the fresh fruit market should be bananas. TechnoServe then succeeded in brokering an agreement for commercial farm Matanuska to supply Chiquita Brands. One of the unique aspects of this project was that we assisted Matanuska in obtaining government approvals to build one of the largest dams in the country in order to irrigate northern Mozambique´s first 3,000 hectares of commercial export bananas. We are assisting other investors to further increase banana plantings, since our research indicates Mozambique could cultivate more than 30,000 hectares of bananas within the next 15 years, creating approximately 90,000 jobs.