Photo of the Week: The Young Visionary

July 08, 2014

Meet Arnest Sebbumba, an enterprising young farmer from Uganda whose experience in TechnoServe's STRYDE program inspired him to empower other rural youth in his community.

When Arnest Sebbumba’s heifer died from East Coast fever – a livestock disease common in his home region of Kayunga, Uganda – his family was devastated. On a small farm, the death of an animal represents years of lost effort and the loss of significant future income –money the family could use to pay school fees for their five children.

Last year, armed with Internet research and a business mindset he developed with help from TechnoServe’s Strengthening Rural Youth Development through Enterprise (STRYDE) program, Arnest, 26, protected his livestock from East Coast fever for the first time in three generations, preventing the death of dozens of animals.

STRYDE equips young people in East Africa with the skills and knowledge they need to take advantage of economic opportunities both on and off the farm. The training helped Arnest recognize his own strengths, and opened his eyes to the income-generating potential of agriculture, a sector many rural young people view as a last resort. Eager to share his newfound confidence and enthusiasm for farming with his peers, Arnest founded the Countryside Youth Foundation, a nonprofit that teaches young people about effective agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Learn more about Arnest's story in his own words.