Investment Advising as a Catalyst to Creating Shared Value

August 29, 2013

TechnoServe’s Todd Kirkbride examines how investors can further their business objectives while also creating social impact in the communities in which they operate.

In an article for Devex Impact, Todd Kirkbride, TechnoServe’s Director of Public-Private Partnerships in Mozambique, discusses our approach to building effective partnerships for development. He highlights three key steps to help investors and companies approach business opportunities from a new perspective.

When it comes to creating a market-entry strategy, investors don’t know what they don’t know. Investors smart enough to realize this aim to collect as much accurate information as possible about the investment climate, on-the-ground business realities and growth opportunities. To gather this information efficiently, investors must quickly connect with advisors who can help them map out all possibilities—including ones they didn’t know existed.

TechnoServe Mozambique, having been in-country for over 15 years, has positioned itself as a first stop for foreign investors wanting to explore agribusiness opportunities in Mozambique. As part of our global mission to work with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries, we’ve developed an innovative approach to connecting international investors with local investment opportunities in agribusiness.

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