Coffee from TechnoServe-Assisted Cooperatives Honored by Good Food Awards

November 25, 2013

Specialty roasters from across the U.S. feature high-quality coffee from Ethiopian farmers.

Coffee farms near the Bulga cooperative in Ethiopia's Oromia Region produce high-quality beans celebrated by specialty coffee companies.

The Good Food Awards, which celebrate the best products from U.S. artisanal food companies, recently announced 2014 finalists in several categories, including coffee. Of the 26 coffees selected as finalists, nine came from cooperatives in Ethiopia that are part of TechnoServe’s Coffee Initiative. These cooperatives – Bulga, Yukro, Sota, Hama, Fero, Shegole, Wottuna Boltuma and Konga (honored twice) – have worked with TechnoServe to improve the quality of their coffee through farmer-owned wet mills. As a result, they are connecting with specialty coffee companies that value high quality and pay the farmers a premium price for their beans.

Congratulations to all of the coffee roasters selected as finalists – and to the farmers who grow some of the world’s best coffee!